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SimCity BuildIt Joins the Sim Series

SimCity Buildit Tips

The Sim series of gaming has been in the market for more than two decades and as such has provided its gamers with an amusing and entertaining game from the very beginning. Now entering the mobile version of gaming, the SimCity BuildIt has been introduced to allow users to build their empire on the iOS and Android devices. Launched on December 16th, there are more than 40 million people who have been playing this game exclusively. It is also said to be potentially the biggest title that ever came into the market according to Jason Willig, who is the Vice President of EA Mobile.

Similarity to Other Sim Series

According to Jason, the popularity of SimCity is mainly because of the excellent graphics and clever gameplay that is both engaging and amusing at the same time. The SimCity BuildIt was developed in Finland by EA and is said to have the same feel as that of its PC partners. It fits in similar elements like balance of sandbox and linear gameplay, short sessions and crafting. Along with this, BuildIt provides its users with a combined package of specializations, services and disasters that are neatly built to complement one another.


The basic plot of the game is to build a city and maintain it, taking into consideration the people living in it along with them being affected by various external factors, similar to the external world. The city itself is almost like a small world that runs within your control as long as you take good care of it. If you do not check on your city regularly for any issues, you will end up with a shut down city in no time. You can use the resources that you get from the industries as well as from tax and use it to upgrade and purchase items for your city’s need.


SimCity BuildIt has swept the mobile world since its introduction by always staying within the top 10 strategy games for both Android as well as iOS users. With the level of sophistication that it brings to the table, this game has been giving other games the run for their money with simcity buildit hack. As you start expanding from the small plot that is initially provided at the beginning of the game, you will also have to equip your citizens with everyday essentials wherever you go. Only if you provide the necessary things for people when you start expanding will people want to live there.

Similarly, when building, if the building is nearby the public services such as school, industries and factories, then the number of people who want to live there will be more. If the area is far away from such services, people will not be willing to reside in those areas, so you must take caution in building areas that are familiar and close to provisions. If you are looking for a game that is worth your while and will take up some of your time every day, then this is the game for you.

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